03/06 Aguirre EP

Aguirre EP is the third release from the hardware label 3underground, which contains tracks in the genres of deep techno, ambient techno, dub techno.Each of the three tracks is a small journey to distant, exotic, either real or fictional places, where the peace and serenity of endemic nature is diluted with the sounds of electreicПродолжить чтение «03/06 Aguirre EP»

04/05 Modular by Bryan Johns

Next release is Elevation EP by Bryan Johns (US), the artist known as Hot Wave, started his journey in the late 90’s after being exposed to dance music at underground raves in Baltimore, USA. Influenced by his love for science fiction and his many years performing punk, jazz, and metal in various bands, Bryan pickedПродолжить чтение «04/05 Modular by Bryan Johns»

31/03 Label starts by Album.

«Brute Jams» is the third full-length album by DJ Wadada (Russia) and the first release of the 3underground label, founded in 2008 as a community of electronic music lovers.This is a completely hardware album in the spirit of classic electronica of the early 90s — techno, electro, ambient, acid. All tracks were recorded live, andПродолжить чтение «31/03 Label starts by Album.»