04/05 Modular by Bryan Johns

Next release is Elevation EP by Bryan Johns (US), the artist known as Hot Wave, started his journey in the late 90’s after being exposed to dance music at underground raves in Baltimore, USA. Influenced by his love for science fiction and his many years performing punk, jazz, and metal in various bands, Bryan picked up some turntables, installed impulse tracker, and started recording music to play in DJ sets. He released Drum & Bass for years before discovering a penchant for Ambient and Techno that let him branch out and explore.

Hot Wave’s sound is deep and ethereal. Swirling soundscapes, dark basslines, and subtly evolving themes tell stories of moving towards the future while maintaining the sentimentality of being human. His worlds are built using hardware synthesizers, manipulated field recordings, and an overactive imagination.

Hot Wave lives in Washington DC, USA.

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