3Underground. Machine music Label.

«Outdoor EP» is the ninth release from 3underground. The traditional hardware concept of the label in this release is complemented by another distinctive feature — all the tracks on the release were recorded outdoors in the summer of 2022 in various cities and locations using a portable recorder, a Korg Electribe 2 groovebox and a Roland Ju-06a boutique synthesizer.

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07/04 The Gift of Myth EP

The eighth release of the 3underground label «The Gift of Myth» is traditionally a completely hardware work, recorded by Moscow musician Kostas Kosmos.

24/03 Subatomic Lullaby

«Subatomic Lullaby» by Yuri Wadada is the seventh release of the 3underground hardware label. It includes the most successful works of winter 21/22 in the genres of ambient, ambient techno, downtempo. Slow hyponotic tracks with deep reverb will take you on a journey to the subatomic level.